The Midwest Museum of American Art and Gold!

On Floyd's Porch

On Floyd’s Porch – Photo by Ron Kern

The Midwest Museum of American Art has placed into its collection a piece of my art entitled, Origins of Medical Practice, a mixed media assemblage of found objects.  It was donated to the museum by Dr. Steven Conant of Indianapolis, Indiana, a well known collector of modern and contemporary fine art. Dr. Conant is active in several Indiana museums, including serving on acquisitions committees of the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Midwest Museum of American Art in Elkhart, Indiana.  A sincere thank you to Dr. Conant for his appreciation of my art and his thoughtful consideration in donating my work to the museum.

Over the past dozen years my work has been collected into private collections in many cities in the United States and across the world, which is wonderful.  Having my art placed in the Midwest Museum of American Art’s collection is a special privilege that I deeply appreciate and respect. And, it gives to me a positive spark of creativity that will carry my art forward.

For 2019, I have been chosen as the “Gold” winner for Best Local Visual Artist for the Indianapolis Star’s “Best Things Indianapolis.”  This award coming on the heels of having my work being accepted into the Midwest Museum of Art’s collection is incredibly gratifying.  Thank you to everyone that voted for me!

Origins of Medical Practice

Origins of Medical Practice

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Transcendent Presence – New Work by Ron Kern at SATCH ART SPACE

Transcendent Presence is a portfolio of seven new abstract photographs by Ron Kern.  The exhibition has been very well received, and I am very pleased to present this new work by Ron.  Recently, the exhibition was reviewed by Dan Grossman of NUVO:

Last stop of the night was Circle City Industrial Complex. Ron Kern had some striking work in Satch Art Space, the gallery space named after Julie “Satch” Kern, an artist working with assemblages and collage.

Kern was making abstract black-and-white digital photographs informed by solid, real-world subjects. His exhibit is titled Transcendent Presence. Kern has shown his more abstract photography before, but his usual photographic subject is small-town Indiana.
I was drawn to one particular photograph because it engaged me, with the intricate and peculiar forms in grayscale against a white background. The photograph being abstract, of course, makes it infinitely open to interpretation — that is, wherever your mind wants to take it.

It made me think of the Jewish concept of tikuun olam, translated as repair of the world, and the goal — through performing good deeds and practicing love and compassion — of raising divine sparks of light to conquer the darkness.

Kern used a computer program in place of a dark room to accentuate certain features on this engaging image captured in the real world.

Jill Ditmire, on Instagram checked in about the exhibition:

Capturing the abstract in the natural world thru the lens of this talented photographer. Gorgeous presentation- see it thru September.

These are single shot photographs- get in close and discover the abandoned beauty. Must see!!

Ron Kern describes the exhibition:

I’ve always been interested in the abstract within the natural world. While on the surface, this idea appears to be a dichotomy, the abstract and natural world are not mutually exclusive.

In fact, in my mind, the natural world is comprised of various abstract elements and components that are a result of nature’s processes over a period of time, within the environmental realm.

This photographic portfolio presents seven works that renders a found natural process into an abstract visualization.

Click here for the exhibition reception’s Facebook Event on Friday, September 6, 2019.
Exhibit Poster

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Stand Tall – Kerrigan Clark & Julie “Satch” Kern

Satch, Saks Exhibition
Stand Tall
, an exhibition of fine art by Kerrigan Clark and me, is currently open at Saks Fifth Avenue at Keystone Square, Indianapolis, Indiana.  The exhibition runs through March 10.  Stand Tall comes from the title of a Neil Young song that is about ecology and social justice.

The exhibition showcases our new work in an exceptional environment on the third floor of Saks.  Thanks to Jill Ditmire and Jim Longfellow for inviting us and hosting this fantastic opportunity to show our work.  Here is Jill Ditmire’s piece on the exhibition for WFYI’s, Curious Mix:

You are invited to an artists reception on Thursday, February 21 from 6 to 8:30 pm. Kerrigan and I will be talking about our work and answering questions. We look forward to seeing you at the reception.


We are excited about the music for the reception  which will be provided by Ovation Audio + Video.  They will be playing vintage jazz record albums on an audiophile stereo system, which promises to provide an exceptional listening experience.  These are the albums that will be played:

Records for Saks Reception

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REDACT: the words you wanted – an Installation by Satch

Motivated by the freedom stifling dictate of censorship, and following up Banned Book Week, Satch presents, REDACT: the words you wanted. Inspired by the banned book by D. H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterly’s Lover, Satch has created an installation that examines and portrays the power of the written word within the context of free speech and the powers that impel the desire to deny that fundamental right. Lawrence’s, Lady Chatterly’s Lover, was first published in 1928 and was banned in the united States in its unexpurgated version until 1960. Satch’s REDACT: the words you wanted, turns back the clock on the reality of our past social landscape and then brings the possibility of banning books, censoring news coverage and restricting freedom of speech into the very times that we are living in, every day.

REDACT: the words you wanted is being exhibited in the Stokol Gallery adjacent to SATCH ART SPACE in the Circle City Industrial Complex.

The exhibition opens on “First Friday,” October 5, 2018 from 6 to 10 p.m. It continues through October 30 during regular business hours at the Circle City Industrial Complex.

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Opening September 7, 2018 – Clark & Satch

Clark and Satch,

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Satch Artist is pleased to host 36 regional woman artists showing over 50 works of art all inspired by Frida Kahlo. The juried show includes many forms of art-painting, mixed media, print, assemblage, cut paper, tattoos and jewelry. “Some high brow, some low brow and some unibrow”, something to delight everyone!

Here are some photos from the opening reception on First Friday July 6th, which was Frida’s 111th Birthday. The closing reception is August First Friday the 3rd, from 6-10pm at SATCH ART SPACE and the adjoining Stokel Gallery in the Circle City Industrial Complex located on the vibrant near north east side of Indianapolis at 1125 E Brookside Ave Indianapolis IN 46202. All welcome, free parking across Brookside Ave from building. Look for LONG LIVE FRIDA banner above entry door.


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On the evening of Friday, June 1, 2018, an artwork by wUG LAKU will be dedicated to a place of permanent exhibition, on First Fridays, outside of SATCH ART SPACE  at the Circle City Industrial Complex.  This piece is a part of the Kern Collection that was purchased from LAKU’s estate and the purchase price was donated to a foundation under wUG’s name at the Indianapolis Arts Council.

From this NUVO article by Dan Grossman, dated July 8, 2017

From 2007 to 2013 (wUG) ran wUG LAKU’s Studio & gARAGE, a gallery that gave many Indy artists their first solo show. Not only that, but his work and his presence were crucial to developing a critical mass of art makers (and patrons) that have turned CCIC into a major arts center in Indianapolis.

wUG LAKU always was a proponent for the recognition and patronage of local artists’ work and dedication.  In a 2011 Indianapolis Star Article by Erica Smith, wUG had this to say:

“We need patronage. We’ve got to have patronage. We get lots and lots of people coming out and looking, but it’s all looky, looky. Nobody’s spending money. I sold one light box Friday night. That was it.  “The arts community’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness is how resilient it is. Because there’s no reason, considering the kind of backing we’ve got both publicly and privately, there’s no reason that this (the arts community) should be thriving like this. I mean, none. “It’s just stubborn will power.”

It is fitting that a piece of wUG LAKU’s art will be present at every First Friday outside of Satch Art Space as his spirit is alive and well, and thriving at the Circle City Industrial Complex.


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Satch’s Art Featured on HGTV’s “Good Bones”

Mina, Karen and Satch

Mina, Karen and Satch

It’s been an exciting journey that began on January 5, 2018.  During a First Friday opening at my gallery, Satch Art Space located in the Circle City Industrial Complex, over my shoulder, I heard, “That would be perfect in the dining room… Oh, I love that one too!”  Those are magical words for every artist to hear.  I turned around and said, “Hi, I’m Satch the Artist!” setting in motion my opportunity to work with HGTV’s series, “Good Bones” starring mother and daughter team, Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk.

By the time I had exchanged emails and shared photographs of my art work with the show’s design team, we had a list of nine major pieces.  Each piece is a strong example of my art work, created from recycled and vintage materials along with my alterations, that processes and expresses my thoughts about life.  My work is best described by my beloved friend and patron, Dr. Karen Stroup, “Confronting our humanity takes courage to move beyond the world that is seen to enter into the world of love, despair, anger, grief, loneliness, longing, disillusion, perplexity, humor, joy and hope.  The artist Satch, takes us on that journey.”

It’s my pleasure that Karen and Mina included my art into their exceptional creation, a rehabbed home at 515 Sanders Street on Indianapolis’ near south side on episode four, season three of their inspirational TV show, “Good Bones.”

Promo Photo

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Love Sex and the Zodiac – February 2018 First Friday

Satch Art Space is showing a selection of artworks based upon the theme of love, and sex and the the zodiac. Starting at 7 p.m., have your questions answered by ”Zodiascope,” the amazing fortune-telling game, and your future told by palm reading. Inspired by the vintage jazz album by Cannonball Adderley, “Love Sex and the Zodiac,” Satch Art Space will be playing curated cuts from Cannonball and Nat Adderley’s discography. Satch Art Space is located on the main floor of the north section of the Circle City Industrial Complex at 1125 E Brookside Avenue.  Click here for the Facebook Event Page.

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Interview with Pete Brown on WFYI’s “Art of the Matter”

Satch, Pete and HaroldRecently, Pete Brown of WFYI’s Art of the Matter visited Satch Art Space for an interview about my life as an artist.  Pete also brought along his son Harold, his ace intern.  It was a pleasure and privilege to have Pete and Harold at the gallery to talk about my art and the impact of becoming an artist after twenty-seven years of being in the corporate world.  Pete is an artist that I respect and admire.  Our history goes back many years to when we were fellow artists represented by Lolly Mahaney’s gallery in Zionsville, Indiana.  Here’s a big thank you to Pete for producing such a wonderful interview!  And, be sure to check out Pete Brown’s incredible app for connecting arts organizations with interested people, Piggyback.

Click on the graphic below to access the podcast of the October 28, 2017 broadcast.
Art of the Matter Interview Poster

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