The Art of Satch

A note from Satch:  The following piece was written by my beloved friend and patron, Dr. Karen Stroup.

Far beneath the surface of what we all see of ourselves and each other are infinite inner worlds that exist but that few of us recognize, speak of, or understand.

These inner worlds are what make us all human.

Confronting our humanity takes courage to move beyond the world that is seen to enter into the worlds of love, despair, anger, grief, loneliness, longing, disillusion, perplexity, humor, joy and hope.

The artist, Satch, takes us all on that journey, if we choose to come along.  Intense periods of seclusion, introspection, and quiet help Satch to evolve and shape each individual one-of-a-kind work by re-purposing forgotten artifacts of this world to communicate deeply personal messages that reach for our souls.

Embrace the art of Satch, if you dare, and you may discover …. yourself.

In another life, Satch followed a 27 year corporate career path that ended with her decision to finally stop the repeated and daily injuries to her head, health, and heart from trying to break through the glass ceiling and from trying to unravel herself from all the red tape.  Through her art, Satch discovered a new world where her assembly of spell-binding assemblages and paintings brings to life many stark truths that few can challenge with such extraordinary and riveting power.

The art of Satch is prized in many private collections and has been displayed in exhibits and museums.

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