Big News!

paintingsatchartspaceThe big new is… I am opening an expanded gallery at the Circle City Industrial Complex.  The new gallery is named, Satch Art Space.  I am planning a series of exhibitions and music events for 2017.  The first big event is March First Friday which will present the exhibition, The History of Indianapolis Punk Rock!  The exhibition presents photographs, flyers and historical information from the Indianapolis punk rock scene in the late 1970s through the 1980s in Satch Art Space and the adjacent Stokol Gallery.  The exhibition’s opening night is First Friday, March 3.  Indianapolis band, Cheetah Priest, will perform a special show.  And, a display of historic punk records and ephemera will be shown by Indiana Music and Entertainment Museum.

Making a handmade flyer to promote a punk rock band and its show was an art unto itself.  Typically, the flyers were confined to an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper to accommodate a xerox machine, which was the printer used to make copies that were pasted and stapled up all over the city.  The flyers not only included the information for the show, but also put forward the image and branding of the bands and the vibe of the punk rock movement itself.  This exhibition sets forth the unique art of the punk rock flyer and the corresponding history of Indianapolis punk rock.

The exhibition in the Stokol Gallery will be open weekdays, 9 am to 5 pm, from March 3 through March 31, 2017.  The exhibition is sponsored by Satch Art Space and Irvington Vinyl.

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Big Big News!

Coming soon!

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Body Parts – Reprise

My exhibition, Body Parts, will be reinstalled and exhibited at the Schwitzer Gallery at the Circle City Industrial Complex on IDADA First Friday, September 2, 2016 from 6 to 9 p.m.

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Open Studio/Gallery – August First Friday

I will have my studio/gallery open from 6 to 9 p.m. on August 5th, 2016 for the IDADA First Friday tour.


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Video for “Leg” in Body Parts Video

This two minute video is a part of “Leg” from the Body Parts exhibition:

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NUVO Profile and Preview Article

Recently, visual arts writer, Dan Grossman, visited my studio to preview the work for Body Parts and to talk about my path to being an artist, as well as art in general.  We had a nice long talk and his visit resulted in an excellent piece in NUVO‘s June 1, 2016 issue.


Dan Grossman in my studio

I appreciated the opportunity to tell my story and share my art in depth with someone as perceptive and appreciative as Dan.  Indianapolis is fortunate to have a writer that is as dedicated and works as hard as Dan does covering our local scene.  It is easy to see that he truly cares about Indianapolis’ artists and their work by not only reading his features and reviews, but by regularly talking with him to find out what shows are happening, as well as gaining Dan’s insight into the art that is exhibited.  And, his enthusiasm always shows through when discussing art, music and life in general.  Big and huge thanks to Dan for the wonderful article. I truly appreciate it!

Here is a digital clipping of Dan’s article that is linked to above as well as here.


NUVO article, June 1, 2016

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Body Parts – An Installation of New Art Work

Here is information about my upcoming exhibition:

I am very excited about my new work that comprises this exhibition, Body Parts.  I continue to grow as an artist and believe that the aggregate of this work is some of my most accomplished.

Body Parts is an exhibition of new art work by Satch in which she continues to explore the themes of cultural symbolism, contradiction, defiance and social commentary.

The art work is both autobiographical and a commentary on issues that Satch sees as important in today’s world.

Body Parts is an installation of separate elements, that when brought together, converge into an interdependent whole.

Satch constructed her assemblages for Body Parts from repurposed materials, incorporating a wide variety of media and personal transformations into each composition to form a collection of evocative work.

Click here for the Facebook Event page.

Click here for a map to the gallery.
Body Parts

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Open Studio/Gallery – May First Friday

My studio/gallery at the Circle City Industrial Complex will be open for May’s IDADA First Friday Gallery Tour from 6 to 9 p.m.

I continue to finish up pieces for my solo show, Body Parts, on First Friday, June 3, 2016.  This show at the Circle City Industrial Complex promises to present some of my best work yet.  Please put that evening on your calendar, and I look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

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One Year Anniversary! April 2016 First Friday

This April, 2016 First Friday, I celebrated my studio/gallery’s first anniversary with a celebration including, “paint the town red,” a mini public art project.  Thank you to everyone that came to the celebration and has helped make the first year of my gallery a fantastic success.


Wow!  It is hard to believe that it has been one year since I opened SATCH LOST AND FOUND ART STUDIO/GALLERY at the Circle City Industrial Complex (CCIC).  This has been a year of change.  I opened my own space after the gallery that had represented me for five years suddenly closed in December of 2014.

I decided to jump in with both feet and make the best of a new gallery within a newly evolving venture.  Larry Jones was in the process of purchasing the Circle City Industrial Complex, a 541,000 square foot building, just northeast of downtown, that runs between Massachusetts Avenue and East Brookside Avenue for nearly three and one-half blocks.  One of Larry’s first steps was to make affordable studio/gallery space available to artists.  My husband, Ron, got wind of this and I immediately seized upon the opportunity, contacted Rachel Ferguson of Teagen Development and signed the lease for my gallery in February, 2015.

It took a couple of months to get the space ready and filled with art.  I opened SATCH LOST AND FOUND ART STUDIO/GALLERY to the public on April 3, 2015.  It was important to me to immediately become an IDADA member gallery to support and participate within the downtown Indianapolis community of galleries, artists and art organizations.

To say that the gallery had a busy first year is an understatement.  I produced, curated and hosted nine exhibitions including my assemblages and paintings along with photography exhibitions, and a “mini-museum” exhibition of pages from Das Plakat.  Here is a list of the exhibitions:

Satch – Grand Opening Exhibition

Satch – Five Year Retrospective

Satch – New Work

Ron Kern – A Little Exhibition of Small Photographs

Das Plakat

Ron Kern – Indiana Small Towns Project

Satch – Shooting Targets

Various Artists – A Collection of Photographs

James Spencer Russell – Restoring Russell, Part I

In December, I received second place in the annual IDADA members’ exhibition for my piece, Blank Me, which was truly special.


Blank Me

This year promises to be another exciting time.  In June, I will present a solo exhibition in CCIC’s Schwitzer Gallery entitled, Body Parts.  And, in October, in a new gallery at the CCIC, I will present, Restoring Russell, Part II, an exhibition of the art of the late Hoosier artist, James Spencer Russell.  Part of the ongoing process of this exhibition is that my brother, Ed, and I will be restoring several pieces of Russell’s artwork which will be chronicled via writing, videos and photographs presented on this website.

A big thank you to Dan Grossman, art writer for NUVO, for covering our exhibitions and expressing his interest in my art and supporting what I am endeavoring to accomplish with my studio/gallery.  Below are three clippings from Dan’s writing.

Here is a gallery of the posters from all of the exhibitions thatproduced, curated and hosted in my gallery and in conjunction with CCIC during the first year of SATCH LOST AND FOUND ART STUDIO/GALLERY.

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Restoring Russell, Part I


IDADA First Friday, March 4, 2016, SATCH LOST AND FOUND ART STUDIO/GALLERY presents the first part of an ongoing art restoration project that will end with an exhibition in October featuring art by the late artist, James Spencer Russell at the Circle City Industrial Complex.

Recently, my husband, Ron, and I acquired two additional pieces of art by James Spencer Russell.  Unfortunately, these pieces are in need of repair and restoration.

The first piece is H from a three part series, H.C.E., who is the main character in James Joyce’s infamous novel, Finnegans Wake.  This piece was exhibited at the Ruth White Gallery in New York City in 1965 and in the 5th Biennial National Religious Art Exhibition in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in 1966.

The second piece is seven parts of a “quilt” that Russell constructed in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  Russell’s Quilt was one of the major pieces that he created after moving to Kewanna, Indiana in 1975.

Both works will be restored by my brother, Edward Satchwill II and me.  The quilt is missing some of its original pieces.  To complete the quilt, I will incorporate unused components made by James Spencer Russell given to me by Russell’s friend, Wade Bussert.

The works, in their unrestored condition, will be exhibited at SATCH LOST AND FOUND ART STUDIO/GALLERY on Friday, March 4, 2016.

After restoration, the works will be featured within an exhibition of James Spencer Russell’s art from the collection of Julie and Ron Kern at the Circle City Industrial Complex.  Several of the works to exhibited were featured in the Indiana State Museum’s retrospective exhibition, and many will be shown for the first time.  The exhibition opens on October 7, 2016 and will run through October 30.

Facebook Event Page

Restoring Russell, Part I

IDADA First Friday
March 4, 2016 
6 to 9 p.m.


Circle City Industrial Complex, Studio 2L
1125 East Brookside Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

Restoring Russell, Part II

Exhibition of art by James Spencer Russell from the
collection of
 Julie and Ron Kern, including restored works

Exhibition Opening
IDADA First Friday
October 7, 2016
6 to 9 p.m.
Exhibition runs through October 30, 2016

The Gallery at Circle City Industrial Complex
1011 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

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