On the evening of Friday, June 1, 2018, an artwork by wUG LAKU will be dedicated to a place of permanent exhibition, on First Fridays, outside of SATCH ART SPACE  at the Circle City Industrial Complex.  This piece is a part of the Kern Collection that was purchased from LAKU’s estate and the purchase price was donated to a foundation under wUG’s name at the Indianapolis Arts Council.

From this NUVO article by Dan Grossman, dated July 8, 2017

From 2007 to 2013 (wUG) ran wUG LAKU’s Studio & gARAGE, a gallery that gave many Indy artists their first solo show. Not only that, but his work and his presence were crucial to developing a critical mass of art makers (and patrons) that have turned CCIC into a major arts center in Indianapolis.

wUG LAKU always was a proponent for the recognition and patronage of local artists’ work and dedication.  In a 2011 Indianapolis Star Article by Erica Smith, wUG had this to say:

“We need patronage. We’ve got to have patronage. We get lots and lots of people coming out and looking, but it’s all looky, looky. Nobody’s spending money. I sold one light box Friday night. That was it.  “The arts community’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness is how resilient it is. Because there’s no reason, considering the kind of backing we’ve got both publicly and privately, there’s no reason that this (the arts community) should be thriving like this. I mean, none. “It’s just stubborn will power.”

It is fitting that a piece of wUG LAKU’s art will be present at every First Friday outside of Satch Art Space as his spirit is alive and well, and thriving at the Circle City Industrial Complex.


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