Stand Tall – Kerrigan Clark & Julie “Satch” Kern

Satch, Saks Exhibition
Stand Tall
, an exhibition of fine art by Kerrigan Clark and me, is currently open at Saks Fifth Avenue at Keystone Square, Indianapolis, Indiana.  The exhibition runs through March 10.  Stand Tall comes from the title of a Neil Young song that is about ecology and social justice.

The exhibition showcases our new work in an exceptional environment on the third floor of Saks.  Thanks to Jill Ditmire and Jim Longfellow for inviting us and hosting this fantastic opportunity to show our work.  Here is Jill Ditmire’s piece on the exhibition for WFYI’s, Curious Mix:

You are invited to an artists reception on Thursday, February 21 from 6 to 8:30 pm. Kerrigan and I will be talking about our work and answering questions. We look forward to seeing you at the reception.


We are excited about the music for the reception  which will be provided by Ovation Audio + Video.  They will be playing vintage jazz record albums on an audiophile stereo system, which promises to provide an exceptional listening experience.  These are the albums that will be played:

Records for Saks Reception

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