Satch’s Art Featured on HGTV’s “Good Bones”

Mina, Karen and Satch

Mina, Karen and Satch

It’s been an exciting journey that began on January 5, 2018.  During a First Friday opening at my gallery, Satch Art Space located in the Circle City Industrial Complex, over my shoulder, I heard, “That would be perfect in the dining room… Oh, I love that one too!”  Those are magical words for every artist to hear.  I turned around and said, “Hi, I’m Satch the Artist!” setting in motion my opportunity to work with HGTV’s series, “Good Bones” starring mother and daughter team, Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk.

By the time I had exchanged emails and shared photographs of my art work with the show’s design team, we had a list of nine major pieces.  Each piece is a strong example of my art work, created from recycled and vintage materials along with my alterations, that processes and expresses my thoughts about life.  My work is best described by my beloved friend and patron, Dr. Karen Stroup, “Confronting our humanity takes courage to move beyond the world that is seen to enter into the world of love, despair, anger, grief, loneliness, longing, disillusion, perplexity, humor, joy and hope.  The artist Satch, takes us on that journey.”

It’s my pleasure that Karen and Mina included my art into their exceptional creation, a rehabbed home at 515 Sanders Street on Indianapolis’ near south side on episode four, season three of their inspirational TV show, “Good Bones.”

Promo Photo

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