NUVO Profile and Preview Article

Recently, visual arts writer, Dan Grossman, visited my studio to preview the work for Body Parts and to talk about my path to being an artist, as well as art in general.  We had a nice long talk and his visit resulted in an excellent piece in NUVO‘s June 1, 2016 issue.


Dan Grossman in my studio

I appreciated the opportunity to tell my story and share my art in depth with someone as perceptive and appreciative as Dan.  Indianapolis is fortunate to have a writer that is as dedicated and works as hard as Dan does covering our local scene.  It is easy to see that he truly cares about Indianapolis’ artists and their work by not only reading his features and reviews, but by regularly talking with him to find out what shows are happening, as well as gaining Dan’s insight into the art that is exhibited.  And, his enthusiasm always shows through when discussing art, music and life in general.  Big and huge thanks to Dan for the wonderful article. I truly appreciate it!

Here is a digital clipping of Dan’s article that is linked to above as well as here.


NUVO article, June 1, 2016

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