Das Plakat: The Art of the Poster, 1910 – 1921, Berlin

I am very happy to be curating and hosting a very special exhibition.  Culled from my collection of Das Plakat, SATCH LOST AND FOUND ART STUDIO/GALLERY presents a series of prints and pages from the journal along with a catalog of the exhibition that includes a historical essay, photographs from the exhibition as well as additional examples.

What I find exciting about the early 1900s period of modern poster and graphic art is the melding of communication and creativity.  Working in tandem, Berlin’s artists, designers, industry and advertising houses brought the art of the poster into the modern era.  Thanks to Dr. Hans Sachs publishing Das Plakat, the poster became an accepted art form and its possibilities were communicated not only in Berlin, but across the globe.

The exhibition is being presented by the Circle City Industrial Complex.  Thanks to Larry Jones and Rachel Morrow for presenting the exhibition.  I truly appreciate their assistance and dedication to the arts.

Below are the particulars for the exhibition.  I hope to see you there.  It is going to be a special event.  My studio/gallery will also be open.


Thanks for the support from the following organizations!

Sky Blue Window

Indy Arts Council

Urban Times


Circle City Industrial Complex Artists


Das Plakat:  Art of the Poster, 1910 – 1921, Berlin

Presented by:  Satch Lost and Found Art Studio, an IDADA Gallery

Hosted by:  Circle City Industrial Complex, Second Floor Grand Hall
1125 East Brookside Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

Exhibition:  IDADA First Friday, October 2, 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Free admission

The exhibition displays original pages and prints from the iconic journal, Das Plakat (The Poster) showcasing significant and innovative art posters by graphic artists and industrial designers in what is known as the Plakatstil (Poster Style) period of modern art.

In the early 1900s, Berlin was the world’s leader for the aesthetic movement of the art poster.  Dr. Hans Josef Sachs, a German dentist, was the preemeinent art poster collector of the time.  From 1910 to 1921, to advocate the art of the poster, Sachs published Das Plakat, a lavishly illustrated journal containing facsimiles and original prints.  Das Plakat is a remarkable historical record of early European industrialization, commerce, events and politics as reflected in the graphic design of poster art.

Hans Sachs’ story did not end with the publishing of Das Plakat.  Sachs’ collection of 12,500 posters was confiscated by the Nazis and he was put into a concentration camp.  Thanks to his wife’s efforts, he was released and Sachs and family fled to London and then New York City.  He never would see his collection again.

An exhibition catalog featuring a historical essay, photographs of the prints in the exhibition and additional examples from Das Plakat will be available.

Contact Ron Kern for additional information

Das Plakat: The Art of the Poster, 1910 - 1921, Berlin

Das Plakat: The Art of the Poster, 1910 – 1921, Berlin

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